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tv   ABC 7 News at 6PM  ABC  June 1, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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this afternoon near davis. in oakland, people ran for cover when rain came down. a few were lucky enough to be in the bus shelter when it hit. spencer christian has more on the tornado in utica city. >> we are getting a break. but the sacramento valley is getting anything but a break this afternoon. violent and powerful storms. a tornado reported on the ground five miles northeast . this hook here in the pattern of this storm, that is probably where the tornado is there. a tornado warning is in affect for the areas of county until 6:15 . the storps are violent in this area . over in the sierra, as we look at unusual june 1st weather . we have snow from lake tahoe . chains are required on highway
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50 and interstate 80. and the snow continues to fall there. what is coming next for the bay area. we'll look closer at that in a moment. >> a policy review is underway in san jose where a fire department rescue team pulled a man from the gaudewill you please-- gaudelupe river. fire fighters had to stand by and watch the man drawn because they were not certified in water rescue. >> sky 7 was overhead when members of the crack rescue team saved the man from the river. the heroic actions are being investigated. it was a case of miscommunication accord toth officer. >> if this person comes down, get him . what they heard was get him. they thought he had fallen n
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they went in with the boat. >> they didn't know a team was in place down stream. firefighters are members of unit 34. a speciallyy trained and rescue team. they take additional training for wide range of rescue operation and five percent in extra pay. water rescue policies are in the process of negotiations. what they can and cannot do is not set down in writing. >> with the water rescue, that policy was not completed. we have other policies like they can. if they have low angle rescue and all of them are in place. >> work has taken a back seat to budget cuts and lay offs and service reductions. residents hope that the rule orse lack of them don't jeopardize lifes. >> my life is more important than a rule . somebody else's more important than the rules . >> i am very glad that they
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are certified and with the knowledge that they can go in and save and they have. >> san jose fire is not saying how soon it will have the water rescue in place. david louie. abc 7 news. >>? alameda, the city council changed the policy on water rescues after getting an earful from the residents last night. >> it is frustrating. >> that is the mother of the suicidal man. >> the council voted to reinstate the training and programs that was cut two years ago to save money. >> what were they thinking when they did nothing? this strikes me not as a problem with funding but the problem with the culture of what is going on in our city. >> the council grade to
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certify 16 city firefighters to perform land based water rescues. >> the southern california woman accused of kidnapping the four month old grand daughter and claiming that the child was hers appeared in the courtroom. she was convicted of kidnapping and residential burglary . she sneaked in her son's house and abducted rammy from the crib. the grandmother was arrested in southern california with the baby who was not hurt. the grandmother is held on five million dollars bail. five-days in the disappearance of an east bay nursing student hayward police say there is a person of interest in the case. michelle le went missing over the weekend from the kaiser hospital in hayward. >> we have learned that that person of interest is gizzle esteban. she was one of michelle le's
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best friend. on saturday, police searched giselle esteban's apartment and seized cell phone and computer. they arrested esteban and brought her for questioning. >> that doesn't mean more are not going to come to light. >> police released esteban without charging her. she was a close friend of michelle le. they went from carmel high school. they were friends when le followed her to be a nurse . six years ago esteban and le had a huge falling out. >> we know that she is a former friend of michelles. they have been disgruntled with each other in the past. esteban le dated her boyfriend and claimed that ruined her relationship with a man who fathered her five year old
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child . we spoke with a boyfriend who lived in the neighborhood and declined to go on camera and said police talked with him. le disappeared where she was attending a nursing mentoring program. le told a colleague she had to get thing her car which was parked in the hospital garage. they have not given up hope of if i understanding le. it is five-days since she disappeared. >> as time goes by, there is a greater and greater concern for michelle's safety. esteban told us. i hopely hate michelle, but she also said she's innocent of anything to do with her disappearance. hayward police say they are looking at other people in connection with the investigation. vick lee, abc 7 news. >> activist plan to protest on the treats of oakland when a
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former bart officer leaves this month. he was convicted in a shooting death of oscar grant in 2009. he will get off of his two year sentence for good beprotestors plan to start in the bart station where the deadly shooting took place. >> we don't just stand here idle and accepting what we witnessed to meserly released. he was like in a resort. >> any time they plan protest we make sure it stays peaceful. >> vandalism in looting broke out in last year's protest that followed the verdict in the trial. >> a team of officers went door to door notifying people about a high risk sex offender life negligent area. all parole and probation restriction on wayne page ran
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out in february. he's now living in a condominium complex near pain avenue. officers alerted neighbors to the crimes. his convictions were serious and sentencing guidelines were not as strict. >> if he did the crimes he was convicted of today, he would serve multiple life sentences. >> i am scared and i know my kids know. you don't talk to him. even if he has a puppy coming by. you don't look at him. >> the more land school district reached out through an automated phone message . >> pg&e is meeting with five families in a san bruno area. they have been left in a lurch with a contractor that suspended operations and might close down altogether. here's more on the story.
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vanderbilt construction boarded up the windows. vanderbilt was hire to do disaster repairs and bill the utility directly rather than the homeowners or insurance. vanderbilt the preferred general contractor and meeting everything from small to extensive repairs and now vanderbilt left two jobs unfinished and questions of whether the subcontractors were paid. pat and fred's work was done a month ago. >> it was done quickly and right and everybody got paid. >> we hope they did. because i think triple a would have advised us if the money is not. the subs would have called them up . >> but they haven't received guarantees or warranties on the windows and roof garage door and now are worried they never will. >> we had no inkling at all what was going on.
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the sign was taken down from tanley's lawn two days ago and disappeared and then she'd seen another one with a black x on it. >> the owner said the subcontractors were not paid and she can't afford to pay them or finish the work. she was supposed to meet with pg&e this afternoon. we continue to stand behind the familis and helping them get back on track and in their homes quickly as possible. >> the owner of this home tells us that vanderbilt did a lot of work and declined to bid on the projects. the pipe line explosion destroyed 38 homes . the first rebuild began last month. vanderbilt did not return our messages left with an answering service. >> a lot more to come here at 6:00. we expect the video of the
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tornado. >> and should california insurance be regulated. sevenon your side michael finney has that story. >> congressman blames hackers for tweeting a compromising photograph. can that be done? >> fingerprints may not be required. the state assembly approved a measure to make it easier toñ/ñq
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. >> in the past year we reported two on of california's major health insurance companies announced rate increases and both were
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kaled back under public proficiency much now there is a movement to allow state regulators to say no to unreasonable rate hikes and michael finney has the story. >> i have reported so many times. california regulates autoinsurance rates and credited with saving consumers billions of dollars. should we do the same for health insurance? that's the question in sacramento where a big hearing is scheduled for tomorrow. >> if you drive a car in california, you must have autoinsurance. the law demands it and because of that at least in part, california regulators control your rates. soon you will be required by federal law to carry health insurance, too. california regulators can't control medical insurance rates. they only give their opinion about them. now a bill in sacramento let regulators approve or reject health insurance rate. >> we have a new federal law
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that said health insurance companies will sell products that we have to buy in 2014. it only makes sense that the government needs to make sure health insurance policies are affordable. >> talking about rate regulation and all of the insurance costs are 15-20 percent . really is a distraction and an expensive distraction. jamie court of consumer watch dog and patrick johnson of california association health plans argue on opposite sides of the assembly bill. under the current law insurance companies are required to notify state regulators and justify rate incroses. they can declare it unreasonable but do nothing to stop it. under ab 52, state regulators would be authorized to approve and deny and modify rate changes. they came under fire last year
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for proposing double digit rate hikes and an average of 16 percent in may even though regulators called it unreasonable. blue shield backed down after the public outcry over the plan to raise the rates 59 percent. >> without giving government regulator and california the power to say no to expressive premium increases. californians will not be able to afford the insurance premiums. maine, new york, and oregon and massachusetts have seen lower rate increases since they regulated the premiums. >> by imposing a rate cap politically popular suppress therias and may end up with doctors not being able to continue to get insurance payments and provide. and on the other hand. capping premiums will reduce funds for vital medical services like emergency rooms
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and medical tests. it said that 85 percent of the premiums go to medical costs. premiums go up because of higher costs and paying for services that are not covered by medicare and med cap. >> it is a mistake to oversimplify in the interest of politics. regulations works and keep insurance companies honest and hold down health insurance premiums. >> there is a key hearing on the floor of the assemblyy and on to the senate as it passes. similar bills were veto-ed. if it gets there it is expected now to be signed. >> we have video that we will show you. >> this is in eldorato county. >> we have had powerful and viulentt thunderstorms rumbling in the sacramento
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valley and heading out to the sierra foothills is an example of the kind of air, cool and unstable and heating of the afternoon sun on the air mass is make more unstable and that produced thunderstorm funnel cloud sitings and a tornado that touched down not long ago and we'll show you what is going on in this area. tornado warning in affect until 6:45 for parts of these four counties. nevada, and yuba county . there is powerful thunderstorm activity. this is near the spot where the tornado touched down 15 or miles it was five miles from yuba city. there is viulentt weather to the sierra foothills. we'll monitor the movement of the storms. back here in the bay area, all
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is calm . temperature readings right around or above 60 degrees and below in some spots and 58 in san francisco. these are the highlights and a chance of showers developing again tonight . we'll see lingering showers tomorrow and there will be breaks of sunshine tomorrow . periods of rain this weekend could be heavy at times and movement of the cool and untable air mass that brought us unusual weather we saw today and still seeing . the next system coming behind it will bring a larger area of stormy weather and lot was moisture and cool air . cooler than normal for this time of year and the weekend is looking warmer and messy. we'll start at 7:00 this evening and conditions will be calm and dry . tomorrow morning we'll see rainfall beginning to approach the bay area and beginning of rush hour by 5:00 tomorrow morning and beginning showers
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and activity developing . tomorrow evening we'll see the activity wining down and a break from tomorrow evening and early friday by friday afternoon. we'll see clouds thickening and a wider and concentrated area of rain pushing in friday night and saturday morn during the day on saturday. periods of shower activity that continue in to sunday. it is looking like a wash out. winter weather advisory remains in affect until midnight tonight. we'll see six inches of new snow and down near 5,000 feet . chain controls are in affect. and back in the bay area tonight. chilly up north and low temperatures in the inland valley . low to mid40s and the rest of the bay area will see upper 40s to 50s . temperatures below the average for this time of year . periods of shower activity and
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high temperature in the low to mid60s and similar readings in the monterey bay tomorrow . here is the accu-weather 7-day forecast. >> bit of the a break late tomorrow and early friday and more rain late friday and saturday . showers on sunday and monday morning and partial clearing late monday and sunny skies for tuesday and wednesday andly starts to look like early june. >> and it continues. we see no end in sight. >> we have more weather ahead for you . coming up later, the chilling video from the east coast will show you more of the tornado that formed today in massachusetts. >> [ female announcer ] at the jcpenney appreciation sale, get an extra 20% off apparel, shoes and accessories with your jcpenney rewards credit card! save on all regular, sale & clearance items! no exclusions!
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>> a street is shut down as police investigate world war ii ammunition that was found in a home on christopher drive. the bomb squad is on the scene. police are not allowing access to the 100 block of the street. >> the state assembly is considering a bill that would reduce drug violence in mexico. representatives of the brady gun control campaign were
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joined by a journalist whose son was kill in a massacre this year. he is critical of the mexican authorities. they urge passage of the bill to track the purchase was shot guns and rifles in california. >> we have evidence, people going into gun shows and drug cartel . buying guns and assault weapons and taking them out of there and no background check or waiting period. >> 90 percent of the fire arms seized in mexico in 2006 or 2008 were smuggled from the united states. only three percent of these came from california that has one of the toughest gun buying laws in the nation. budget proposal contains no massive lay offs. his plan takes advantage of revenues that close the 306
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million dollar deficit it is balanced and reflects the san francisco. >> there are no lay offs not in the massive way . unlike what i hear this morning. instead of closing libraries we are reopening them. >> the plan contains cuts for the homeless. they will help save the city 23 million dollarss. >> he's not included funding for the pay hikes. and the unions have not yet agreed to give them up. >> new at 6:30. we'll return to silicon valley for help in determining if a hacker could have sent a revealing photoon a congressman's account. >> and how police trapped down a laptop. and finding a way to use
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>> san francisco based twitter at the center of a sex scandal this time a new york congressman who is peppered about questions of a lewd message. >> first, congressman anthony weiner is a democrat and never sent a lewd close up of a man in his underwear to a student in seattle. his answers haven't been that convince the questions keep coming. this is anthony weiner on the steps of the capitol. >> i am not going to permit myself to be distracted am >> all you have to do is say no. >> you are not following on twitter. >> why don't i do the answers
6:31 pm
and you do the questions. >> 46 year old democrat never answered the question of why he was following a 21 year old college student on twitter. today he told abc news he didn't send her the underwear system. >> my system was hacked and it was a common one. when you are named weiner, you get that. >> what he wouldn't tell abc news or cnn is whether or not it was a picture of him. >> i am going to say we are trying to answer that question. but we are doing an investigation . i want to caution you that photographs can be doctored and manipulated. >> the congressman has a private security firm to investigate. it is easy to trace a tweet. >> one of the things they can do is track down the ip address of where the tweet was sent fromment >> in the skype,
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computers and cell phones leave electronic fingerprints, and the question is does twitter collect that information? an hour after we spoke twitter ceo showed up at the same conference. >> i dick cosat the timo and he said he couldn't comment and meaning that that would be an ip test and stupid. weiner wishes it would all go away. nancy pelosi has confidence in the democratic congressman and if an investigation is warranted, there will be >> weiner's twitter account is up. and if there is a silver lining. >> and pictures taken with a laptop computer got a suspected thief in trouble. hidden piece of software documented this guy's every move . that ended up with a pile of evidence.
6:33 pm
>> joshia coffman tweeted this. it was the end of the high tech cat and mouse game. >> oakland police said laptops are reported stolen all of the time and almost never returned. the reports are in a filing cabinet because police don't have leads case was filed away, too. until police realized it was different. >> the victim had photographs and using the software and where he believes that the computer was. >> photographs of the man sleeping in front of the computer and this man using the computer without a shirt on. they were taken by hidden, that tracks stolen lab tops and sends back photothe built in camera and screen shots. the man invented the program when his laptop disaed.
6:34 pm
>> it is tough in london . there was nothing to do to cover it . so we sat down and me and other colleagues and put our heads together and came up with ideas. >> to bey said photos paired with screen shots containing personal information can lead police to a suspect and in oak landd it tracked down a twen year old who admitted the laptop was stolen. >> within two hours, we are able to locate and recover the mac book. >> he is a limo driver and they lured him to meet him and he left in a squad car. hacker in china broke in the google g-male account . google believes that hackers tricked people in sharing the passwords in phishing scams.
6:35 pm
the attacks are not believed to be tied to a assault originating from china in the past few years. >> and democrats and republicans are fighting over whether recipients should be frint - fingerprinted. >> california is one of three states that requires foot stamp applicants to be fingerprinted. advocates for the poor cite the fingerprinting process as one of the major reasons that the state has the lowest foot stamp program in the country. some didn't like to give the fingerprints. >> it is hard to go anywhere knowing that you are getting fingerprinted and different things of that nature. it is uncomfortable. >> more people are joining the food stamp program. they have a proposal to remove
6:36 pm
the fingerprint requirement. with more participation millions more in federal matching dollars come in the state. >> by increasing participation. they serve as a massive economic stimulus program for california. >> they say that fingerprinting is one of the way to combat fraud. >> we'll open the flood gates. this is one fire wall that prevents abuse of this system. >> but a state audit found that the fingerprinting program to be costly and redundant and recommends its elimination next year, the fingerprinting system will cost taxpayers 17 million to maintain. >> it is an enormous expense. why do we continue to waste our mon yekeep -- money and keep people from getting food they need. >> tell cost len - 111 - 11
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million to pay off the loan. >> and groundbreaking autotechnology that is coming we hear verizon's 4g lte is fast. let's find out how much we can download before this rocket takes out this 4g hotspot. are you guys ready ? yeah, ready ! ready ! let's go hot. ready, set, download ! done ! done ! done ! what'd you get, what'd you get ? downloaded solitaire ! i got gulliver's travels ! i got a photo ! yeah ! all right ! it's america's fastest and largest high-speed wireless network-- verizon. built so you can rule the air.
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worst day in wall street in a year. dow dropped .
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nasdaq off by 66 and 86 percent of the stocks in the s&p 500 are down as well among the contracting factors here, employers added only 35,000 jobs last month. slowest pace in a year and a half and construction spending below the lowest level of the decade. sale in ford and gm fell and toyota said its sales were off 33 percent in april. they hope to return to 90 percent capacity this month. >> car of the future came to san francisco today in the groundbreaking technology that may keep you alife some day. ford calls them intelligent cars. they use wifi and gps technology to communicate critical information to each other. >> it sends it out 10 times a second and saying here is my
6:41 pm
position and speed and where i am going. the technology may be available on new cars that is adapted to existing automobiles. >> we'll show you the massachusetts tornrnrnrnrnrnrnrq
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>> take a look at this. it is something rarely seen in the northeast. formation of a tornado in springfield massachusetts . it is one of two that hit there today. it began as a water spout and moved on the land and you can see the debris swirling around in the funnel . unfortunately the twisters turned deadly and four people were killed. the governor declared emergency. >> such a violence in the midwest and south but rare massachusetts. >> extremely rare in
6:45 pm
massachusetts. they get thunderstorms as does the remainder of the northeast. but we don't have the classic clash and the warm humid air mass. that tend to trigger storms like this in midwest and tornados in the southeast. as the thunderstorms was developing, you had untable conditions and powerful winds aloft . interacting with the winds on the surface and creating the rotation and that triggered the funnel cloud that dropped down from the thunderstorm and became a tornado. we are seeing unusual weather all over the nation these days and here in the bay area, we are not exempt from it either. life doppler hd showing a tornado warning in affect and still for parts of nevada and yuba counties and over in the sacramento valley and moving to the sierra foothills. we have seen a funnel cloud there and a tornado touched
6:46 pm
down in the last hour near yuba city. the violent storms are tapering off. but the storps are still there. now back to our time lapse view camera. over the bay we had lot was blue and clouds sprinkled in . high clouds below normal much like today only in the 60s . occasional showers and here's the 7-day forecast. high temperatures inland and only in 70 . clouds thicken on friday and late afternoon, rain developing overnight . showers again on sunday and overnight and monday morn finally clearing in the beginning of next week. dan and care linn. >> if the wet weather continues, we'll pay more for produce. preaches in the central valley are prevented from maturing.
6:47 pm
bing cherries growing season is midmay to june. many harvested the cherry because the rain ruins on them. >> it sits on them and breeze and wind doesn't blow off the dampness, they can split open. >> cherries are a problem. we are ready to pick the bing cherries . some are ready and some are not. >> produce wholesalers say it is too soon how much the weather will impact prices. california represents one-third of the nation's cherry crop. if you came to the bay area on vacation . we are glad to have you here in this part of the world. but boy, you came in the wrong week. not just the rain. but renovations on the cable car line has all of the routes shut down . tourist looking to ride the power line in union square out
6:48 pm
of luck. >> it is our first day in san francisco. it is one of the things about san francisco, the bridge and the tram . yes, i discovered it is not running. >> good news, both power lines will resume power service on monday. the california line will reopen in july. >> medical news. adult tooth loss is handled with dentures and implants. what if living teeth could be grown in a lab. researchers working on a reality for replacement. >> the teeth they have are improperly formed. >> when the badly deformed teeth, he dreams of being able to replace them not with dentures but real teeth created in the lab. >> you can imagine that you could for example take the
6:49 pm
precursor organism that was not developed and implant it and allow it to develop. >> to make that a reality. they are working of unlocking the stem cells. they are studying cell that become harened tooth enamal. >> the long run, regenerate the entire tooth tructure. >> while the team works with the cells, other groups are concentrating on the living tissue in our teeth. patients like those in the clinic. it might offer the promise of regenerating a damaged tooth. >> it is a promising thing for people who have extensive dental cares and way to restore their mouth. >> one potential approach is implanting the cells in a partially viable tooth and enable those tissues that decayed to be reformed and
6:50 pm
another approach is regenerate a entire tooth and implant that. >> that second strategy caught the eye of the institute. they awarded the lab a three million dollar grant with the goal of learning how to recreate teeth with stem cells. he said teeth offer one of the most realistic scenario for a replacement. >> failure of a transplant organ in the oral cavity would be less catastrophic than another organism. it makes it a good prototype. >> dr. cline's team is studying patients with birth defects and hoping to find the genes responsible fofofofofofofo
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you can see
6:53 pm
tonight at nine on coffee tv 20 a look at the contest memorable moments and lin o'clock new concern for people rocked by the rock slide. it is starting in a wet march
6:54 pm
coming up later in march. >> it is not baseball weather. >> larry beil is here with the a's. a rain out would have been preferable . yankees this afternoon. best thing the as can say about it it is over. they are beating the a's 10 straight times. they dump the guy's beer . yankees fans, hey, you owe me a beer. good luck buddy trying to collect. josh takes ay burnet. 10th of the year . in the fourth. two men off for nick swisher . rerun bomb and left off geo gonzalez. two mep on for the a's . josh chamber lane who doubles. if that ball had gotten through it would be a different game. a's end up being swept.
6:55 pm
>> giants in tonight . ed hading home and a throw from codey ross gets away. you cringe every time they are involved in a play. usf won . they are open and a double elimination. playing u.c.l.a.. and two of the best in the country . they are one of the top teeps and we prepared and we feel blessed to have that opportunity to go in there and go in and continue our season. >> shaquille o'neil dominated
6:56 pm
with size after 19 years in the nba, the man known as shaq and big diesel and big shamrock and whatever else he can dream up is retiring. >> we did it, 19 years baby, thank you very much. that's why i am telling you i am about to retire. love you and talk to you soon. >> shaq released word on twitter. he didn't tell the celtics. hey, shaq does what he wants. won four nba titles and at age 39 his body broke down. o'neil retires fifth all-time leading scorer in history with more than 28,000 points. the heat won the game last night. friends with lebron . the tickets cost $8000 . dirk nowitzki's health.
6:57 pm
he said it is not that sore. roth lin is out. and history would not repeat itself. picking up in the third. nadal and great at the net and put its away . later in the tie break. right down the line. 6-4 sirks-oni - that's this edition of abc sevennews. thanks for joining us. we appreciate your time . hope to see you at nine and 11:00. good night everyone.
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